Tips from a photographer on how to capture your engagement proposal perfectly

Over the years, I have photographed so many engagement proposals! At one point, it felt like I was definitely a professional proposal photographer because I had shot 5 proposals in 6 months time.

If you are a soon-to-be fiancée and you know you want your boo to make sure there is a photographer there to capture it: don’t be shy and send this his way! If you are a soon-to-be fiancé and you know you want to hire a photographer, definitely read this and take notes. And yes, apparently there is a correct way to spell fiancé/fiancée depending on which partner you are referring to. My reference is Google, duh.

So, fasten those seatbelts because I am about to word vomit everything I have for you to make sure you and your photographer are prepared to perfectly capture your future proposal!

Communication is key

Be sure to be open with your photographer regarding every single detail! Tell him/her exactly what time you will be arriving at the location, what landmark you will be popping the question at, and even if you will be giving them a special cue to know when you are going to do it. Personally, I ask all of my guys to give me a quick call the week of the proposal to make sure we are on the same page!

Know what they want

Knowing what your partner’s proposal dreams are made of is super important. If they want something lowkey, then definitely don’t overwhelm them with too much! If they are a little bit more boujee, employ the help of all the friends and family members to make sure all those special touches are executed. For photography, it’s important to note if you will want to spend the majority of your time taking intimate couples photos, or if you would prefer to take photos of all of the family/friends.

Figure out the action plan

For some proposals, you may want to hide your photographer somewhere. For others, I have been there under the guise of photographing a cute couple’s session or senior photos. For very few couples, it is definitely not super important to be hidden (i.e. the fiancée definitely knows there’s a proposal happening), so just be sure to tell your photographer that! I have actually, literally, hidden inside of a chicken coop. Real story. Your photographer definitely wants to make this perfect, so be sure to tell them where they should go!

Have a designated person

I always suggest having a trusted friend, sibling, person, etc. that your photographer can touch base with. If your future fiancée is anything like me, then they definitely will be nosy and probably wonder why you keep texting some random person. So, have them text her sister or best friend who has your location shared and knows the action plan so that they can help communicate and coordinate the plan.

Bottom line, good communication is definitely the most important part of this equation! Be sure to tell your people what your plan is, as well as making sure that everything is as perfect as can be.

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