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In 2019, I started off as a broke college kid who bought my first hobby camera, used off of eBay. I should have been saving that $300 for gas, groceries or rent, but deep down I knew the potential I had with that little camera. 

Well, one thing led to another, and here we are! I am a full-time wedding and portrait photographer living the absolute dream. Mama, I made it. 

One thing that truly shaped my journey was looking to others and dreaming of being where they are one of these days. When you value yourself and your success, everything falls in to line. I hope to be you big sister in this industry and give you a hand when you need it. I know first hand the struggles of late night frustrated YouTube and Google sessions, making a big mistake at a shoot, or simply just wanting to throw in the towel at times. I feel you. I am here to pass on my wisdom so you don’t have to struggle like I did.

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“It’s better to build a longer table than a taller fence.”

what sets me apart from the rest?

I successfully run my full-time photography business and book my dream clients all over Texas. I spent years struggling so you don’t have to. I have a no gatekeeping policy around here!

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Shop the store for digital products to up your photography game. These are real products that I use every day on my business and have been created with the hustling photographer in mind. 


The Wedding Photography Day-Of Guide

template investment: $30

  • Fully written, easy-to-read copy 
  • A message to your client
  • Flat lay checklist
  • 8 hour wedding photography timeline
  • Shot list
  • Family portrait list
  • Photography inspiration
  • Location addresses
  • Tips and tricks 
  • And a closing message
  • Easy to use Canva template: simply drag and drop your photos and send it! 

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Throw away the boring word doc timeline and give your weeding clients a luxe experience with this pre-written, easy to use Canva template.

This template includes: