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When it comes to hiring a photographer, I know the options are endless. At this point, you have probably scrolled for hours on every social media app and sent dozens of contact forms just trying to find your perfect match. Finding the best photographer for your day is a big decision that can impact your memories, forever. 

I just want to say— I’m here to make this decision easy on you. 

With Lauren Provost Photography, you are truly getting an experience as valuable and unforgettable as you are. I know it’s terrifying to trust a complete stranger you’ve never met to step into your most intimate moments, your happiest days, and learn about your deepest insecurities. 

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But I promise, you are in great hands. 

my photography style

I specialize in capturing memories and providing a high-value, detailed photography experience for my clients all across the Lone Star state. I create gorgeous, authentic images that sometimes have a slight vintage feel. My editing style is definitely unique and I like to describe it as bright and dreamy with warm tones. I am inspired by the Texas sky, Kacey Musgraves songs, and the feelings of sunshine on your skin. 

My goal is to provide every client with a one-of-a-kind, high-value experience that is sure to give you butterflies over your memories for generations. I like to mix candid moments with gorgeous poses. I am energetic and great at directing, but also like to go with the flow sometimes. I appreciate the natural beauty of all people and things and don’t like to create false alterations on any photos I edit. 

10 hours of wedding day coverage
Second shooter included 
Engagement session
Bridal session
24 hour sneak peeks

The Deluxe Package

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10 hours

8 hours of wedding day coverage
Second shooter included
Engagement session
24 hour sneak peeks

The Most Popular Package

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8 hours

6 Hours

6 hours of wedding day coverage
Engagement session
24 hour sneak peeks

The Essential Package 

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60 minutes
1-2 location(s)
2 outfits
2 week full gallery turnaround

Most Popular; $450 + tax

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Full Session

30 minutes
1 location 
1 outfit 
2 week full gallery turnaround

Short and Sweet; $300 + tax

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90 minutes
3 on-campus locations
3 outfits
2 week full gallery turnaround

Pop the Bubbly; $475 + tax

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